Guideline for Speakers

A good speaker brings positive opportunities to the conference in such aspects as attracting attendees, reinforcing conference themes, educating and inspiring audience by providing fresh insights and perspectives. Experts on conference related fields and industry thought leaders are invited to share diverse opinions, offer new perspectives and connect with audience by giving a speech on this exciting gathering.

Becoming a speaker

You are invited to fill out the Speaker Proposal Form (click to download) and 

submit it to by the deadline. 

The proposal should contain the following information for conference considerations:

1. Type of your speech (Keynote / Plenary / Invited / Contributed)

2. Title (a not-crazy-long title)

3. Abstract (an approximately 200-word abstract)

4. CV and Short Bio (around 250 words to introduce yourself)

5. Photo (a nice shot of yourself)

Deadline of making a proposal

Please submit your proposal before June 10, 2023.

If the proposal has been successfully approved, we will contact you in 5 working days. 

Criteria for speaker selection

As we always receive more proposals than we were able to include, the Organizing Committee will apply these criteria when selecting a speaker:

1. The extent to which the speech content can be judged to be credible, innovative and relevant to the conference themes.

2. Whether the speech is suitable to audience at multiple experience levels and add value to the conference.

3. Experience and knowledge of those making the proposal.

Contact & Cancel rules

Speakers are accountable for providing valid email address and responding to the Organizing Committee or conference staff in a timely fashion. In the event that you need to cancel for some reason, please notify the conference staff immediately, better with replacement recommendations for this particular topic. Please be aware that failure to receive response from a speaker after three follow-up emails will result in instant exclusion from the speaker list.

Tips for Participation

1. Check-in at the registration desk upon arrival.

2. Bring your PPT presentation on a USB flash stick/travel drive to the conference.

3. Rehearse your presentation in advance.

4. Keep presentations non-commercial.

General Guidelines

1. Timing

We would request that you avoid any delays in starting the presentation. Speakers should arrive at the conference at least half an hour before the scheduled time for your speech. 

Keep notice about the time scheduled for your speech in the Invitation Letter. Usually, every speaker is allotted 45 minutes (including 5 minutes left for Q&A) in total. Please do not exceed the time limit, and leave enough time for audience to ask questions.

2. Dress Tips

We strongly encourage speakers wear formal attire for a professional look at the conference.

3. Culture Difference

As participants come from countries and regions across the world with different culture, we strongly encourage speakers keep in positive and welcoming manners, with speech content being free from inappropriate humor, or the expression of religious, political, philosophical or other beliefs.

4. Permission to record or reproduce

By joining the conference, you're giving an OK for your talk to be recorded and live streamed as well as later made available on the internet or used in other educational activities of IASED.

5. Laptop use

The equipped laptops or thumb drives must not be occupied for personal use except for uploading or downloading presentation.

Technical facilities equipped for speech (on a regular occasion)

1. data projector cabled to a laptop computer.

2. laptops containing USB ports for flash sticks

3. laser pointer

4. lapel microphone for speaker

5. screen

6. podium with table

7. hand-held microphone for the moderator during Q&A

8. white board with marker pen


When will the organizer book accommodations?

All of the conference accommodations will be booked two months ahead of the conference.

Is there airport pick-up service?

For some limitations in time scheduling and contact abroad, conference attendees are suggested to go to the hotel by themselves.

What type of speaker will suit you best?

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker is the lead speaker who sets tone for the conference. A Keynote Speaker talks extensively on a specific topic or industry to address the conference theme to the whole audience. 

Plenary Speaker

Plenary speaker is often from a corporation, association or the same industry to address the specific topic to all of the conference participants in plenary session. 

Invited Speaker

Conference organizers may take the initiative to invite prominent speaker from a related field or with rich experience in industry to deliver a motivational speech that reinforces the themes and builds on a specific topic. The invitation is mostly on the basis of the nomination from committee members.

Contributed Speaker

Contributed Speaker could be a motivational speaker or an industry expert who does a talk about one specific topic for a part of the audience in a parallel.